It's Always Something

It's Always Something

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Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 9%

PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE for when you plan to come by. We can NOT ship beer!

We brewed It’s Always Something in honor of our four year anniversary and used the beer’s name as the theme for the celebration.

The heart of It’s Always Something is found in the base recipe for Great Scot!, but we add plenty of Belgian dark candi sugar and ferment the beer with a Trappist ale yeast, which provide it with the unmistakably distinct character of a Belgian strong ale.  Aromas of banana and dark candi sugar are prominent with notes of plum and raisin lingering in the background.  High carbonation cuts through the beer’s malty body, but doesn’t stop It’s Always from finishing with a gentle sweetness.  A noticeable warm feeling in your throat indicates the beer should be respected while dark fruit, chocolate, and a pleasent spiciness reveal themselves as you breathe afterwards.

Having developed an affinity for Belgian beers many years ago, we believe our Belgian beers measure up to the best of them. It’s Always Something bolsters this belief as it’s brought home hardware from the Great American Brewers Festival.