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288 Ounce MAX PACK
288 Ounce MAX PACK
288 Ounce MAX PACK

288 Ounce MAX PACK

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PLEASE ADD TO CART AND LEAVE A NOTE letting us know when you plan to pick up your MAX PACK. Shipping is not available. You do not have to pick it up this week; we'll hold it indefinitely. 

By law, the maximum quantity of beer-to-go we can sell is 288 ounces. Let's max it out with two 16 ounce cans of the below nine brands. A steal at 50 bucks. One week only.

Velvet Hammer - 9% Imperial Red Ale 

Golden Opportunity - 4.5% Kolsch

Sit Down or I'll Sit You Down - 10% IIPA

Thrilla in Brazilla - 7.5% IPA

Royal Scandal - 6.5% English pale ale

Hefeweizen - 4.9% German wheat

Great Scot - 6.5% Scottish ale

Hive Dive - 5% Golden honey ale

Bicycle Pump - 5% Pilsner