Same Time Next Year

Same Time Next Year

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Style: Marzen
ABV: 7%

PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE for when you plan to come by. We can NOT ship beer!

Oktoberfest bridges September’s transition of seasons innately triggers a preference for the bolder malt profile of fall beers and inspired our Marzen, Same Time Next Year.

Originally released in connection with the launch of our “What’s New?” R&D program, this Marzen notched a special place in our brewery’s history – the first beer to medal (2019 US Open Beer Championship) before full market release. Such a strong and unique response justified the progression from pilot program beer to full production seasonal release.

Same Time Next Year’s foundation is its malt bill – dominated by German Vienna malt, which provides a medium body with a touch of malt sweetness but complemented with notes of biscuit and a hint of caramel provided by Caramunich malt. Although hops take a back seat in this malt forward beer, Liberty hops add balance and restrained bitterness to round out the overall Oktoberfest experience.

Enjoy our award-winning Marzen style Oktoberfest September through October.  Once it’s gone, you won’t find it pouring until the same time next year.