Worth The Wait

Worth The Wait

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Style: Cherry Vanilla Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%

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Over our first 8 years, we fought a number of lengthy battles with varying results.  All the while opting to play the long game in hopes of expanding the rights of Texas craft brewers. In celebration of our lengthiest struggle and perhaps biggest victory, the passage of Beer to Go in Texas, we present our 8 year anniversary beer, a Cherry Vanilla Imperial Stout aptly called Worth the Wait.

Our Cherry Vanilla Imperial Stout incorporates three different varieties of chocolate malt alongside flaked oats to give the beer a velvety body screaming of chocolate and roasted coffee.  We utilized vanilla to intensify the mouthfeel and add a touch of creamy sweetness. A blend of sweet and tart cherries intensifies the beer’s aroma and gives Worth The Wait additional complexity on the finish.

Worth The Wait is perfect to pair with (or have on its own as) dessert. Take your time. Share it with family and friends at the end of a meal and you’ll find that much like the passage of Beer to Go in Texas, it will be worth the wait.